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Arevipharma supports charity concert „beats of music against cancer“

Cancer puts you off your beat of life and is for any patient and her/his loved ones a dramatic cut.

A cut comparable to the situation, when a piece of music suddenly stops and the just heard melody falls silent. [source:]

In order to avoid that happening Arevipharma donates for the charity concert „beats of music against cancer“ taking place on the 12th of March in 2020.
Because only purchased beats will be played by the orchestra of the Dresdner Kapellsolisten, who waive their fee for the good cause. The proceeds from sales are in support of the National Center for Tumor Diseases, Partner Site Dresden (NCT/UCC), where new strategies and technologies against cancer are developed.

Safety is our highest priority

Bild: „Simulierte Havarie“

Bild: „Unsere Werkfeuerwehr im Einsatz.“

Arevipharma´s plants are protected by a multitude of technical safety precautions, such as gas detection systems, temperature and pressure alarm systems, flame arresters as well as a fire alarm system. Also for environmental protection numerous safety installations are in place.
Taking preventive action, Arevipharma´s employees of all units are involved in safety precautions.

On top, Arevipharma is very well prepared for an emergency. By alarm plans we ensure that for each case of emergency a response of the right expert and the task force in charge is ensured. Arevipharma´s full-time factory fire brigade is around the clock on duty and so able to act immediately to prevent hazards. The fire brigade is alarmed by an emergency call or, for example, by the automatic fire alarm system. First-aiders and firemen as well as Arevipharma´s voluntary fire protection assistants are always prepared for an emergency. Targeted operational activities to limit negative fallouts are also scheduled.
On top-level the crisis management group – in case of serious incidents – takes over leadership and coordination of all actions necessary for mastering an emergency case.
A connection to public fire brigades is given at all times.

Bild: „Anrückende Feuerwehrkäfte“
But only, practice makes perfect! That is why we constantly keep training our routines to always guarantee operational safety and to detect and overcome weaknesses early on.
Factory fire brigade and crisis management group are in cooperation with the authorities and the local fire brigade regularly training hazardous situations.

Bild: „Gefahrstoffbekämpfung“

Bild: „Gefahrstoffbekämpfung“

Bild: „Dekontamination“
On 26th November 2019 a large-scale exercise of the factory fire brigade of Arevipharma and the public fire brigades of Radebeul, Reichenberg and Coswig were of great success.
The exercise scenario: a damage with a highly flammable, toxic and corrosive liquid and one injured was quite realistic imitated.
The external fire brigades were very quickly at the place of action with several vehicles, one hazardous substance truck amongst others, and they immediately started to rescue humans as well as to prevent the hazard.

All in all approximately 60 comrades took part in the large-scale exercise, including firefighting units of the factory fire brigade, of the voluntary fire protection assistants of Arevipharma, of the public fire departments, as well as further five employees of Arevipharma.

Bild: „ABC Übung 2019“

Bild: „ABC Übung 2019“

Bild: „ABC Übung 2019“

Bild: „ABC Übung 2019“

Safety is highest priority at Arevipharma, hence the responsibility for safety and hazard prevention is implemented on the highest management level. Therefor it is natural that the head of the factory fire brigade Mr. Bauer, Arevipharma´s safety expert Mr. Beyer as well as the CEO Mr. Jung, PhD, who in case of serious incidents leads the crisis management group, also took part in the exercise.
Bottom line of the large-scale exercise: all participants worked excellently well together and reacted very quickly. The complicated and absolutely realistic planned exercise is furthermore prove oft he professionality of Arevipharma´s fire brigade.

Well done and special thanks to everyone!

In retrospect of the latest CPhI worldwide

On 5th of November 2019 at 9.30 am it was that time again – the CPhI Worldwide (Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients) opened its doors, this year in Frankfurt (Germany). Just as before, the team of Arevipharma was present with a share of the Midas Pharma booth. With approx. 45.000 visitors as well as approx. 2.500 exhibitors the CPhI is always an excellent platform for deepening of existing as well as initiating of new business relationships. The positive trend of Arevipharma, with the major topics exclusive contract manufacturing (CMO) as well as improving our competitiveness due to structural and strategic investments, was taken on a good note by the clients base.

By now, all colleagues safely returned to Arevipharmas site in Radebeul (Germany). But that is just the kick off for the actual work to be done, because there are a lot of meeting minutes to be followed-up.

Arevipharma begrüßt Sie auf der CPhI in Frankfurt 2019

Arevipharma ist wie jedes Jahr auf der CPhI Worldwide mit einem starken Vertriebsteam vertreten.

Wir begrüßen Sie vom 05.11.2019 bis 07.11.2019 in Frankfurt am Stand 40C11

Neben dem bestehenden Produktportfolio stellen wir Ihnen gern unsere technischen Möglichkeiten im Bereich individueller Auftragssynthesen und unsere neuen Anlagen vor.
Wir freuen uns auf spannende, erfolgreiche Gespräche und Projekte.

Arevipharma – quality made in Germany.

Certificate of suitability received!
R0-CEP 2018-070-Rev 00

In April 2019, Arevipharma have received its Certificate of Suitability for Remifentanil Hydrochloride thus being one of the first global suppliers of this API with a CEP. A fact Arevipharma are justifiably proud of.

Arevipharma are one of the largest German manufacturers of narcotic generics. The production of narcotics at the site Radebeul located close to Dresden has a long tradition. Today, Arevipharma, being appreciated for its excellent know-how and premium quality, supply its products all over the world.

Do we have awakened your interest in Remifentanil Hydrochloride or any other narcotic substance of our portfolio?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you with sample quotations.


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