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We optimize your lab protocol and develop the economically most reasonable synthetic route. Thereafter we scale up the method to a technical process and produce first quantities of up to several hundert kilograms in our piloting plant. For larger quantities we move to our multi-purpose plant with reactors of up to 6.3 cubic meter. Additionally, we support the registration of your products worldwide.

Arevipharma can integrate itself into existing supply chains with a diversity of capacities, know-how and experience, without any tangible interfaces arising. We deliver the products in the requested quality and at the required time. This allows us to solve – invisible for third parties – existing bottlenecks in the usual Arevipharma way.

Within two weeks, requests will be analyzed regarding their feasibility and reviewed intensively together with the customer’s project team. Typically it takes 12 to 18 months from the establishment of the project in the ProcessDevelopment to the transfer of the dossier or Drug Master File to the customer, incl. 3 month stability data.

Apart from the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and its intermediates under cGMP, Arevipharma offers the custom synthesis of complex fine and special chemicals for other applications.

Business Activities

  • Feasibility studies
  • Rapid process and analytical development with guaranteed confidentiality and exclusivity, as well as a close partnership with the customer
  • Scalable, robust and safe laboratory processes
  • Up-scaling and process optimisation in state-of-the-art pilot plants
  • Up-scaling and production in highly flexible and efficient multi-purpose plants
  • Sieving, mixing, milling, and micronising for any desired particle size distribution
  • A state-of-the-art analytical department and highly skilled quality assurance experts
  • Stability investigations
  • A regulatory service

Warehouse capacities

APIs 800 pallets
Intermediates 250 pallets
Cold store 80 pallets
Controlled substances 45 pallets
Raw materials 510 pallets
Flammable liquids 270 pallets
Tank farm 1.200 m3

The packaging, storage and transport of APIs, intermediates and raw materials are carried out in strict compliance with national and international regulations concerning chemicals and transportation laws. The processes also comply with GDP and cGMP regulations, which are customary in the chemical trade.

The business development team is looking forward to your inquiries

Business Development

Dr. Marika Rönnefahrt

Tel.: +49 (0)351 8314-1121

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